• Sofa search!

    thebungalowedit February 12, 2020

    If you have been following my instagram stories, you will notice I have been on a sofa search. Remember way back when I was planning these living spaces? Things have certainly moved around and merged. We’ve been looking for a new sofa for a while. We finally decided on the the style we are getting, the process was long. I made the husband measure the space 5 times to make…

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  • How to: Paint a brick fireplace

    thebungalowedit June 18, 2018

    Last year I shared with you my moodboard for our brick fireplace for our adult lounge/snug room. Well, we finally got around to painting the brick fireplace. I dreamed of these lovely fireplaces! So we decided to take our own fireplace and transform it into…

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  • The Snug or rather the ‘Adult Lounge’

    thebungalowedit November 22, 2017

    Welcome to a small part of our new house, it has the afforded luxury of two areas that can be used as a living room. This is quite common for most American homes but somewhat of a myth in a standard British one. So to…

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