• garden incense

    Summer Lovin’ – Garden Incense

    thebungalowedit July 2, 2021

    Spending time in the garden is one of my most favorite past time in the summer. Spreading mulching and bugs however, not so much! Entertaining in the garden is something that we both enjoy, good friends and good food. One way to get rid of those bugs is with incense for outside. We tried candles but they melt so easy and get some dirty when it storms. One of our…

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  • Earth Harbor Naturals

    thebungalowedit January 28, 2021

    The Bungalow Edit is excited to show you some products that have arrived to the online store! Earth Harbor Naturals, Based in Springville, Utah, is a skincare line centered around high-performing ocean nutrients and active botanicals. My favorite product is the Mermaid Milk, a moisturizer that makes you…

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  • New Collection from Curious Clay

    thebungalowedit April 22, 2020

    See more from our feature artist Jannalyn Bailey from Curious Clay.

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  • Creatives coping with Coronavirus

    thebungalowedit March 29, 2020

    How do creatives cope with the lockdown during coronavirus? This article shows you what I have been doing and what helps me deal with the isolation.

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  • Inexpensive Wall decor

    thebungalowedit February 19, 2020

    When we have visitors to our home they comment a lot on our stylish yet inexpensive wall decor. At parties they walk around and look at all of our things we have on display. So much so, I thought I would take you on a…

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  • Choosing easy Houseplants 101

    thebungalowedit February 10, 2020

    You’ll notice from a great many photos of my house that I love houseplants. They breathe life into the home as well as sprinkle a bit of greenery indoors. Did you see my post about Staghorn ferns? Lots of people worry when it comes to…

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  • Top Home Decor trends for 2020

    thebungalowedit February 7, 2020

    With a month of 2020 underway, let’s take a look at the trends in the home for this year. Be the envy of your friends with the latest design concepts. One thing to say about trends is that these should be seen as starting points…

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  • Mounted Staghorn Fern

    thebungalowedit July 17, 2018

    After seeing many a mounted staghorn fern at Longwood Gardens back on Mothers Day I finally got around to making my own. The following steps will help you to Make your own too! If you want more ideas on how to bring the outside inside you should…

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  • Bringing the outside in

    thebungalowedit May 16, 2018

    How to incorporate your living space, with more than just plants.

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