Hello! Thanks for stopping by, here is a little bit more about me.

Artist, Wife, Mother, Mermaid, Veggie, Educator, Feminist and all for Equality & Diversity

We have emigrated to America from England and I wanted a new direction, a new take on something that I have been passionate about for a while. So with a brand new abode to furnish and fill with our eclectic style I decided to document things a bit more seriously. We are a family who love the outdoors, but will also take pleasure in a duvet day watching back to back Harry Potter movies. My boys are no longer babies and are both growing up, yet it is important to have a good work/life balance, I hope my musings on our family life offer you smiles and warmth. So, I now have the time to forage for pretty things and time to create and explore new ways to create beautiful things for our home. My background is in Visual Merchandising and Art and Design, So here we are.

I would say that I am inspired by a variety of styles, which is what perhaps makes our home so unique. I do however, sway more towards 70’s mid century and Scandinavian elements. I love to thrift for the unusual, large or small, mostly I love the potential story behind any vintage item I bring home. Finding a purpose in items others no long have use of is also of great importance to our planet. I usually mix the vintage items with handmade and carefully selected shop bought items, which I will share with you right here.


THE BuNGALOW has been created as a creative outlet in a period of my life where I have had no where to go and nowhere to be. It has made me realise what it is I love, and what is most important.


It is your character, your dreams, your life.

If you would like to collaborate with me then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.