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New Collection from Curious Clay

thebungaloweditApril 22, 2020

The Bungalow Edit is so excited to carry a new collection from Curious Clay. Curious Clay was born out of an intense love of the handmade form and the desire to make attainable art objects. The best thing? Each piece is completely unique, just like a work of art.

As a former painter, the presence of the artist’s hand in my works is very important to me. Both the clay form and the glaze application retains the gesture from my hand. Being somewhat self-taught, my work is primarily slab-built with some element of hand forming. I hope my works can live in their new homes, and be apart of the slower moments in the day; whether it’s your morning cup of coffee or afternoon meditation. I find great joy in creating one of a kind pottery, and my hope is that that joy comes through.

Jannalyn Bailey – Owner of Curious Clay

Watch her Kickstart Video below;

Made in the USA

Life took a different turn this past winter, and Jannalyn decided to jump at an opportunity to move into the Bok Building in South Philly.  Her daughter and Jannalyn walk there everyday, and share the space with Rider Ceramics and Stover Ceramics – all three of the potters have children, and work as full time potters.  Ultimately, their plan is to crowd fund and open South Philly Ceramics. That is the dream post covid-19.

During this insane shutdown I’m currently working in my kitchen during all spare moments of the day and night, and bringing my work back and forth to fire, just about everyday.

Jannalyn Bailey – Owner of Curious Clay

So buying Jannalyn’s pieces means she can continue to grow and The Bungalow Edit wanted to support that! That and the fact her work is GORGEOUS! Something that I want to foster at The Bungalow Edit are items that are curated, handmade and local. Buying local supports the artists and the economy.

Curious Clay at The Bungalow Edit

So here are the items available right now for purchase with the hope that in the future we can carry more of this beautiful clay! Shop now to buy your favorite!

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