Basement Renovations continue – Part two!

thebungaloweditApril 20, 2020

So last time I posted about the basement, we were working on insulating with foam board and starting to adjust duct work ready for framing. Rest assured it is still a work in progress! I may even begin to use this time in quarantine to Kon Mari the storage area we will have down here. I need to sort through and organize for sure! So first here is a reminder of what the space looked like last time I posted.

Basement last time!

It was a mess! Our workout space had been taken over and was getting covered in dust, we had just begun framing and starting to add the layout to the floor with pressure treated timber. This was our next step so we could truly see the layout and where the rooms would be and how much space we really had when considering framing and posts.

So how does the basement look now?

basement now

It is dry wall and flooring short of being a real room down here now! Where the insulation is will be a cupboard for storage and this room will function as a multi purpose TV room. We’ve also completed the layout and framing now so we are working on insulating the exterior walls. Home depot is where we are getting the vast majority of our supplies. The insulation is Thermafiber Ultra-Batt mineral wool and is designed to provide excellent thermal insulation in residential spaces. The semi-rigid batts are denser than traditional batts or rolls and are quick and easy to install. Ultra-Batt products are non-combustible, moisture-resistant, non-corrosive and mold resistant. Perfect for a basement! Here they are below:

Want to see more?

The plastic sheeting acts as a vapor barrier. Its a 6ml thick sheeting, it goes on either side of the insulation. So here is the basement in other views:

Make sure you follow me on Instagram too as from time to time I take you on a live tour of the progress we are making!

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