Creatives coping with Coronavirus

thebungaloweditMarch 29, 2020

Its the topic on everyone’s mind at the moment: Coronavirus. Its taken me a while to settle into this new normal that is staying at home. I love my house and the protection it offers but a part of me wants to escape and get back to rummaging around antique stores or roaming around home stores for inspiration. As a creative person I need to see new things, do new things and keep my mind active. So while I am stuck, I am grateful I have a protective roof over my head with my family, who so far haven’t killed each other!

So what have I been doing to keep myself busy? Lots of things! I thought I would share them with you here. In case it inspires you to do something similar, or just gives you 20 minutes to sit down and read this! Or if you are a creative person drowning in anxiety, needing a distraction.


Dreaming about all those things we can do post lock down? Me too. I have created a ceramics board on Pinterest because before all this happened I was due to go on a 6 week pottery class with my husband. Its not full of ideas yet but I hope to make things in the future to sell in my store. The course will be going forward in the future. If you are local to me you can find out more about future classes at Attoba Tileworks. Pinterest helps me to organize all my thoughts, ideas and things Id like to remember.

Here are a selection of pretty things I found to pin. I’m a huge fan of Hilda Carr Pottery, she is based in England.


I have also taken some time to paint. I worked on our guest bedroom (info on this will follow as I show you the complete makeover)! Also this week and I painted our ugly mailbox post! Redecorating is quick and easy, even if it is just rearranging a room, moving the furniture. I had the mailbox post paint left over from another project. The guest bedroom paint I have had for a while. I had just been waiting for some time to actually get it done!

Most hardware stores here are still open, though buying paint to redecorate is non essential. Have a look in your garage for paint you could salvage and use for something. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes things feel new and fresh. You could make some art for a wall or even start an inspiration board for all the things you want to do when you can! You could even work on de-cluttering while you have a spare moment.


I have also been working on some bags which I have now added to the shop for food storage. They are washable and reusable and handmade by me! They are called Bento bags and there are many different tutorials on how to make them online. If you have a sewing machine and spare fabric lying around, this could be a simple craft for you to do! I made these with a cotton seersucker fabric. Don’t stop being creative, start that craft you have been putting on the back burner. Drawing, is another quick way to be creative, and requires very few tools.

Coping with Coronavirus

This coronavirus has been tough for everyone. I had the feeling of being trapped with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Its important for me to push through these feelings and try to look forward to something. A project like painting and rearranging a room even if it takes me days longer than it would normally gives me something to look forward to once its completed. These are just a few ways I have been staying busy. Once my guest room is complete I will be back to show you all.

The other method I use to keep my creative brain sane are my four key things: Nutrition, Exercise, Routine, Sleep. Nutrition: set an alarm for lunch, be sure to stop what you’re doing and eat. Eat healthy, nutritious food. Exercise: is important to boost mood, going for a walk, gardening, even housework can work up a sweat! Routine: is another key thing to focus on, the creative brain sometimes needs a little focus so that it doesn’t drown, I find the easiest way to set routine is through regular meal times. Sleep: get up in the morning, go to bed at a reasonable time. When I focus on just two of these four things I instantly feel lifted. Coronavirus sucks. Stay safe, stay well.

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