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thebungaloweditFebruary 19, 2020

When we have visitors to our home they comment a lot on our stylish yet inexpensive wall decor. At parties they walk around and look at all of our things we have on display. So much so, I thought I would take you on a guided tour of our walls! Maybe along the way it will inspire you to create fun art on your walls too!

Make your own stylish wall decor

This is a Macramé piece I designed and created myself. The technique is pretty easy to pick up and it’s super cheap to create. This particular piece is a metre wide and it took me a fairly long time to complete. It was worth it, it’s one of my most favourite things! This next one I created using a floral hoop that I spray painted gold.

Picture perfect prints

An obvious way to decorate you walls are with prints. My favourite place to get prints is Society 6. They seem to have the best selection with great deals!

This wall in our family lounge area is a mixture of prints and vintage embroidery. It’s ok to mix different style prints and art together it makes for a more interesting gallery wall. From left to right: Sasha by Sofia Bonati, the wooden clip frame is from Urban Outfitters. Contemporary botany print by Wonder and Rah and a beautiful vintage embroidery from a cute family business in the Poconos called Works by Cooper.

Click here for 20% off at Society 6

Another inexpensive way to put art on your walls is by framing tea towels! These towels I found in TJMaxx and framed them using Ikea frames!

Plates and pottery as wall decor

One of my most favourite inexpensive wall decor pieces is this wonderful brass plate. I left this in the garden for far too long, I thought I was going to use it as a bird bath. It gained a natural patina and now it hangs on my wall! I’m slowly adding more brass plates to my collection. I think this one will forever be a favourite. I managed to buy it for £5 at an English car boot sale.

Anything can go on a wall, plates pottery and even baskets. Don’t be limited by prints but mix it up. It creates interest and makes your wall decor unique.

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