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thebungaloweditFebruary 12, 2020

If you have been following my instagram stories, you will notice I have been on a sofa search. Remember way back when I was planning these living spaces? Things have certainly moved around and merged. We’ve been looking for a new sofa for a while. We finally decided on the the style we are getting, the process was long. I made the husband measure the space 5 times to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake! Our children are getting older and so we have decided to go for a pale colour. Having not completely lost our minds, it was essential it have removable and washable covers.

Current sofa

The current set up in our lounge space holds a smaller sofa and we have the addition of ercol armchairs.

Our current sofa is from Ikea and we actually purchased it second hand from facebook marketplace. When we moved from England, we sold our larger bulkier items. The extra cost to ship bulky items wouldn’t have been worth the additional cost, so when we got our house, buying a sofa was a priority. The current sofa will move to the basement to make way for the new one.

Long view lounge

New sofa

Here it is, the style we decided on! Now we wait for all the parts to be in stock to place the order, the colour will be Gunnared beige. Its really not a beige at all but more of a pale grey colour. I did my research and learnt that people who have children and dogs find it very forgiving! Sounds perfect in a house full of boys. I am very excited!

New Sofa for The Bungalow edit

We decided upon the chaise version, it has storage from blankets and excess cushions. As for how it stands up to dirt and grime and boys! I’ll have to update you!

plant post

Hoping you enjoyed my plant post from Monday! This weekend I am off to the Philadelphia Home and Garden show, Cant wait to come back and tell you all about it!

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