Six of the best sliding doors

thebungaloweditFebruary 3, 2020

Our basement renovation is underway, you can find an update here! We have completed the first layer of insulation and we are beginning to look ahead at fittings and thinking about the overall look once it is completed. One issue we face is doorways, because of the way our air conditioning is vented and waste pipes are located. We are trying to be clever with how we disguise these necessary albeit annoying ‘features’. Another thing to consider is how we can utilize the most space, we want to make the most of all our available space, without compromising on design or function. One of our solutions to this was sliding doors! We plan to use sliding doors across 2 separate areas. One will be to enclose a bathroom and the other will enclose a den, for movie nights and sleep overs!

  • Laser cut sliding doors
  • Classic farmhouse
  • vintage sliding doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Modern Chevron sliding doors

Six of the best sliding doors

  1. Laser cut – This door is all about aesthetic. For our use it wouldn’t be practical. It wont provide a sound barrier from a tv and also won’t be very good for privacy. I could see this being used as more of a permanent room divider. Or across a closet door.
  2. Traditional barn – The traditional barn sliding door creates a solid classical look to a room. My favourite thing about these is the mix of the off white door and black fixings.
  3. Vintage – One thing I hadn’t considered during this research was using vintage doors. This would be a great option as we have plenty enough time to go hunting for doors. You can find these easily at your local vintage warehouse or salvage yards. Even on Facebook marketplace. If you are based in the PA area, I can recommend Crickets Antiques or Philadelphia Savage.
  4. Pocket door – one of my most favourite design ideas, a pocket door hides all the fixings. Great if you need sliding doors that lock in place, ideal for a bathroom or office space. They have a very clean aesthetic, they are however slightly more complicated to install and you do need to assess whether you have space for the tracking.
  5. Double door – This double door is great if you have a long wall where there is excess room on either side to open. This could be a potential option for our den space. This is a custom made door from Northern edge woodshop.
  6. Modern chevron – These sliding doors are the closet thing to my aesthetic for our home, the chevron is still a very popular modern design. I think I would also consider this in a double door version. This particular sliding door is from Wayfair.

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