January Refresh – Dream bedroom

thebungaloweditJanuary 31, 2020

It’s time to say sweet dreams, it’s Day 10 on the Refresh but this is not the end! This is the time to set good intentions, to carry on with your mission for a beautiful home. We are at the end so I want you to focus on your bedroom. The space where you rest after a long day should be a sanctuary in your home. It can so quickly turn into a dumping ground for washing or an expansion of the toy room once small people invade!

Day 10: Sweet dreams

When I start to decorate or dream about how I want a room, I love to create mood boards. I find things I want to incorporate or I take pictures of things I want to use. I find this an easier way to picture all the elements

Lets create a dream bedroom.

My bedroom is still very much a work in progress. I will eventually get round to that beautiful grey wall but until then it will be a case of tidying and clearing out the clutter to get it the way I want it. So start by clearing out all the things that don’t belong in your room, find their correct homes. Work on the bedding, creating a warm and cosy space to relax. Blankets and quilts always soften the aesthetic and keep you warm too! You can read more about my quilt here.

As part of my home report I created this cosy nook in my bedroom, cleared the mountain of clothes off here and now it’s a nice place to drink a cup of tea!

Remember it’s a journey

I’m working towards this room being completed. We made a bed last year for this room, and we still can’t agree on what we want to do for the headboard. So I took three things off my list but I’m adding more on.

I added the macrame I created above the bed and I love it. When the wall is the dark grey this will be more of a prominent feature. So here is a run down on my process when working on a room:

  • Create a moodboard
  • Gather items either in the moodboard or around the house that work with the space. Go shopping!
  • Clean out the clutter.
  • Make a list of projects.
  • Tick a project off your list one at a time!

Good luck with your home projects! You can find me back here next week for more adventures in the BuNGALOW I call home. One of our major projects this year is our basement reno and opening of our online store. Stayed tuned!

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