January Refresh: Home stretch

thebungaloweditJanuary 29, 2020

Day 9 on the Refresh, the home stretch! Today involves looking again at your home and thinking about things in a new light. This day is set aside for you to really purge those things that you need to get out of your home. This is a tried and tested method that works. When I left England to embark on our adventures overseas, I used this method of organising and clearing out to be able to rid my home of things I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on shipping across the globe. Missed a few posts? Go,back to the start here.

Closet clean out
My pre moving purge.

Day 9: Home stretch

It’s called a purge box. A box that you place either in the garage or hallway or cupboard under the stairs. Really somewhere out of sight for the most part. As you move around the house and tidy, if you come across anything you either no longer need, like or have a use for, place it in this box. After 2 weeks, if you still haven’t needed the item, sell it, give it away or simply throw it out. You have to be ruthless for this to work. Remember what you chose to keep is more important than what gets taken away.

Here is a handy list of environmentally responsible ways to get rid of items you no longer need:

  • Give to a friend
  • Take to goodwill
  • Curbside, with a sign
  • Recycling centre
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook

In this effort of decluttering on a bigger scale, consider what you bring into the house. When you go on shopping trips, ask yourself if you really need the item in question. Consider if you can do without. This not other saves you money, but the less you bring into a home, the less you have to clear out.

Dining room table.

Things are all material, and if you don’t like something change it! My home is always constantly evolving. Buying new vintage pieces and trying new layouts for different rooms encourages me to clean up along the way. Why not try a new layout for you home and see if it helps you to keep it tidy?

One last thing, if you still didn’t get started on this journey, here are some of the participants progress from our Facebook group!

Some lovely flowers from flowers and folding.
One tidy pantry!

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