January Refresh: The To Do List

thebungaloweditJanuary 24, 2020

We are so close to the end of our journey on the January Refresh. Remember at the start I made you write that report for your house? Well this weekend the focus will be to work on ticking some simple things off of that to do list. I had a few trouble areas in my home and one of the main things I needed to do was take down those Christmas decorations. The Home Report is designed to last you all year, so if you have already ticked off those 3 jobs, you can either take the weekend off or simply, pick something else to tackle!

Day 8: The To Do List

The three things I had decided to tackle on my home report were:

  • Make hallway table presentable
  • Take down decorations
  • Create a temporary work space. (My workspace will eventually be in the basement but that is a huge year long project and a work space was needed sooner than later)

The hallway table is the first thing you see when you enter our home. It isn’t a huge area, and doesn’t require a lot of tidying but it was full of Christmas decorations that needed to get put away for the year. I decided on a nice big plume of pampas grass and a vase that my Mum found me in England by a lovely potter called Hay Dickinson. It fills the space nicely and creates a moment of calm as you come in through the door. The little wooden houses are made by my Dad, you can find him at Knot N Bowl.


Next Up: Decorations down

This felt like a huge task as we do Christmas in a big way in this house. Take a look on my instagram! It certainly is nice to have our rooms looking fresh and clear. The clutter and chaos Christmas creates, sometimes its nice to start the year with a fresh start. So if you have been putting off taking those decorations down, you need to get to it. Rearrange some furniture in the process, it will be well worth it!

To do list Decorations down

The Snug certainly feels more open and airy with out the stockings and lights and the big tree that we had in here. It was beautiful but it was refreshing to get the room back. Stockings all rolled up for next year and this room needed the left over Christmas gifts delivered to the boys bedroom to tidy it up a little!

IKEA here we come.

Now for the temporary work space. This was a little more taxing as it involved a trip to Ikea. A place you either love or you hate. My trick is to go with a list. Window shop online and only get the things you truly need. We also wanted to investigate the sofas they have as we will need another as the basement project comes along (watch this space for more info on this project coming in February). I ended up with a build your own desk and a cute chair that works with our lounge the location of my temporary set up and will work in the basement once I move down there.

Tidy desk Tidy mind - The To Do list

I also grabbed some storage bins from Homesense, because one must start as I mean to go on! I’m also loving my Day Designer diary. it keeps me on track and helps my muddled brain seem clearer and focused on the task in hand. Good luck with completing your To Do list this weekend!

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