You’ve guessed it Day 7 is all about the bathroom. This shouldn’t take you very long at all, we are just going to concentrate on the surfaces and storage. If you want to go the whole hog and clean the rest too… who am I to stop you? Just make sure you take breaks so you don’t burn out! The blog is undergoing some construction, so I hope you like the new look! Missed a day? Find Day 6 here.

Day 7: Bathroom Blitz

Ok are you ready to see my before? It was pretty bad as I used the bathroom to house things that came out of our closet during that sort out. Well now there is nowhere to hide because it’s time to Blitz the bathroom! Here is my before:

It was starting to give me a headache! Please note that this bathroom, bar a new shower curtain hasn’t been touched in terms of decor since we moved in. I think I don’t treat it well because I don’t absolutely love it. Again I started by making groups of things, hair ties, my stuff, his stuff, things that don’t need to be out all the time, things I need handy. Use the floor if you need to. Be sure to clean the surface once your are complete and figure out what storage you may need if any.

My happy ever after:

I picked up some glass jars to house all my hair ties, brushes and combs. The added bonus was that my hair bands fit around the outside. I found my tweezers (they always go missing) and nail cutters and popped them in a little glass too so now they have a home that is easy to access and find. The fern I neglected to water went to plant heaven and I will replace with something like a snake plant. Will tolerate the low light in here and it’s hard to kill.

Happy birthday Husband!

Today is the husbands birthday, so I’m keeping this one short and sweet! There is no way, I could do what I do without him. He supports my dreams, he has faith in my crazy ideas and he is an amazing Daddy.

We are so close to the finish line of the Refresh and man have I noticed my house needed it. Post holidays my house was a crazy mess. Now the new year is here and it feels good to walk into a closet where I can see everything! We’ve saved money on food because our pantry is organised. The knock on effect of organisation saves you time and energy in other parts of you life. So if you feel like you have no time to tidy, ask yourself if you can afford not to?

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