Day 6 on the Refresh! I’m so excited by all the progress readers have made on this journey. Today’s project is probably my least favourite. I’m having to remind myself this is a journey not a race. I hate tidying my kids rooms. It seems like the task that always seems pointless but by getting the children to help, it can show them why they need to keep their rooms tidy! It feels good, it gives you space and makes your brain feel less cluttered. This task is a weekend long affair, if it needs to be!

Day 6: Kids rooms

I have two children that are 10 and 8. Good ages to help with the process. The way I tidy my kids rooms is this simple step by step process.

Here are the steps:

  • Make the bed. Start by making the bed. This is the place that keeps them warm and safe. It’s also the spot they may want to take a rest in once this whole process is complete! If your small person knows how to do this and does this anyway well done! You’ve raised an angel.
  • Everything ends up on the floor in children’s rooms, so the next step is to clear the floor. Where does all the stuff go? On the bed you’ve just made.
Messy kids room
  • Once the floor is clear, sort through the clothes. What’s clean what’s dirty. Clean ones get hung up and put away. Dirty ones in the laundry basket.
  • Next up is papers and books. Tidy or throw out as necessary.
  • Toys. Put away or organised back to where they came from
  • Misc. Drum kit, school bag, etc

Toys are a really big issue, in fact, the issue I come across most is that children simply have too much stuff. Ask them, do they play with it? Do they want it? and simply can they let it go? One of my children has Autism spectrum disorder and can find it hard to let go of certain things. In the past I have boxed these up and put the items separate to his room. If a month or two went by without him asking for the contents of the box the items left the house. He has so much, that he doesn’t miss a thing.

Tidy kids room

The best thing about this method is that it’s easy enough that kids can join in. You may need to do the entire process with them at first, at least for the first few tries. Eventually they can do it themselves, thus teaching them and giving them the tools to run a tidy ship. Give it ago! Post your updates on the Facebook group or tag me on Instagram! Want to know what’s coming next? Check that calendar from Day 1.

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