Welcome back to the January Refresh, where I have a fun project for you. Congratulations on making it to Day 5! Hopefully, the changes you have made so far have helped you to look at your home in a different way, I’m hoping it feels fresher. If you missed the last post you can find Day 4 here. Today we focus on flowers and folding! Today, I want you to treat your home to a nice bunch of flowers, this may seem frivolous, but really it’s an inexpensive treat. Think of it like a gift to your home. They can be any type of flowers and if you don’t like arranging of if your allergies aren’t a fan there are always faux options. Here are a few ways I incorporate flowers into my house. Don’t worry I’ll get to the folding!

Day 5: Flowers and Folding

African Violets are one of my most favourite flowers. They like a drink and a good amount of sunlight in the house. The best bit is that they are a long lasting flower with dark foliage between flowering cycles. You can also propagate them very easily.
Pampas Grass - The Bungalow Edit
Grasses bloom too! Pampas grass creates a dramatic look and I have these on my entry table. Soft, billowing, fluffy stems make me feel warm and cosy as I enter the house. I bought these as fresh cuts, but you can often find them pre-dried. Wood: Knot N Bowl

Mini project

Now here is the fun part; I bought 4 packs of flowers from a local store, in a range of size colours and textures. Don’t forget a little foliage goes a long way! The bunches themselves do not need to be expensive and if arranging flowers really is not your jam, go with a stress free pre-made bundle. After much deliberation in the floral section, I went with hydrangea, roses, eucalyptus and chrysanthemums.

Selecting flowers to arrange - The Bungalow edit

The best part of flower arranging is that there are no rules. Trim the ends before you put them into fresh water and play until you are happy with the final result!

DIY Flowering arranging - The Bungalow edit

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and my tidy house got a treat.

Chore time

Now you’ve given your house a treat for making it half way on the January Refresh; here is the chore. The linen closet. If I can do it so can you! My favourite folding methods are those of Marie Kondo. You can find many tutorials on youtube to help. If your linen closet is a beast, try the 20/10 method, where you clean for 20 minutes and then reward yourself for 10 minutes doing something you actually want to do like watch Netflix or eat chocolate.

Most of my towels were in the wash but now I have a nice space to return them to.

So there we have it Day 5 is in the bag. Make sure you tag me on Instagram with progress pictures or Join the Facebook group to see how others are completing their January Refresh assignments!

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