Welcome to Day 4! The one where I am cleaning out a closet and conducting a clothes clear out. Getting rid of clothes I don’t need or wear or fit into any longer. This task can be completed over the weekend if needed especially if it seems like a mammoth task. This task will help you in all aspects of home tidying. Everything will have a place and with less clothes, means less washing and more time. I started off by making sure all my clothes were clean, this makes this process so much easier and quicker but also, enlist a friend! You never know they may have some great ideas or even take some of your unwanted clothes! Bonus! Missed a few days of the challenge? Its never too late to catch up! Start here.

Day 4: Clothes clear out

Here is my shameful starting point, and I promise I don’t always live in a pigsty, this process merely highlights the things that are easy to conceal!

You can see here that half the space wasn’t even really being used. I couldn’t really reach the upper rail, so never bothered with it. My biggest problem was I could never find socks or pants or anything to wear to work! So we began by emptying out the closet.

Fresh start

Clear out of the closet

The end cubby holes filled with shoes were wasting space. Since we had just recently built huge storage drawers for shoes downstairs it seemed unnecessary to keep these here but I wanted to see once I had sorted the clothes if I needed to move these or not.

The clothes I took out got sorted into piles. Clothes to keep, clothes that weren’t seasonal, clothes to donate and clothes that didn’t fit. This helped me to really see what was taking up so much room in my closet.

january refresh clear out

I piled everything onto my bed, and began to sort through. When making the decision to get rid of clothing think about how often you have worn it. If you haven’t worn it, how likely is it that you will? Do you love it? Do you use it? Be brutal. This is where your friend comes in handy. If they’ve never seen you wear it, or look at you like a crazy person for having it in your wardrobe, it needs to go.

Reorganization is important

Putting it all back in again knowing you have less to put away, provides you with space. I put all my shirts on the bar that I can’t reach because it isn’t t-shirt weather but I do sometimes layer these pieces.

However, as we bagel putting things back, my friend asked me if my husband minded having such little space in the closet?! I hadn’t ever thought about his side of the closet had been taken over by my dresses. It also made total sense to switch the sides because he could actually reach the higher side!

His side:

Post clear out his side of the closet

The shoes went downstairs and the cubby holes now house socks and underwear, I have the bottom three and he has the top. My new side:

January Refresh result of the clear out

Thus concludes the clear out! Don’t forget to join the Facebook page to see how others are doing on this challenge!

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