January Refresh: 5 inspiring pantry ideas

thebungaloweditJanuary 6, 2020

So on the January Refresh calendar today is Pinterest and the pantry. Today I want to show you 5 inspiring ways to organise your pantry and how I tidied mine on a budget. With the majority of my home projects I turn to Pinterest to find other rooms or ideas to help me pull a design together. I like that it’s an easy way to store those ideas too, whatever they may be.

Day 3: Inspiring pantrys

I realise that not everyone is lucky enough to have a pantry cupboard but we all store our food somewhere. Here are a few of my favourite organised food cupboards. I hope that these inspire you to work on a project using Pinterest or if your pantry was as crazy as mine, inspires you to organise and throw out all the Christmas goodies that are crushing your January diet!

First up from Shegaveitago.com using storage containers from The container store.

Inspiring pantry’s at thebungalowedit.com

The only thing I don’t love about this is the wire shelves. What inspired me was that her pantry was as crazy as mine before she organised it.

On to number two on the list of inspiring pantry ideas is something a little different. A drawer! Who said food had to live in a cupboard? Unfortunately the source is unknown. If it works in your kitchen it’s a great use of space. The last house we lived in had a snack drawer and it worked surprisingly well. To this day the children have access to their snacks and they regulate themselves with how much they consume.

Inspiring pantries at thebungalowedit.com

Number three in my top five has to be my favourite. It’s largely what I’m aiming towards for my own cupboard. You can still see everything without it being messy and I like the combination of storage containers. I found this image on Katrina Chambers blog.

Thebungalowedit.com favourite kitchen pantry

The fourth pantry I wanted to show you was created on a budget using the dollar store containers. Being tidy doesn’t have to be expensive! This is a great inspiration for those working on a budget. The folks over at splinters and sparkles even repurposed a cupboard for the food storage too!


Number five is for those with small spaces. Lindsay at organisation obsessed back in October shared her small scale pantry organisation. Great for those in apartments or smaller homes without the luxury of a pantry.

Small pantry ideas

My Pantry cupboard

So here is my before:

The cupboard was a complete disaster zone. I pulled everything out, donated some unopened food I knew we wouldn’t get to eat post holiday season. I took a trip to the shops and spent approx $40 in homegoods, on storage bins. The rest I had in the house already so they were just repurposed. Here is my after:

I can find everything and realise that my children have too many snacks. The glass jars were already in here, most of which came from Ikea. Here is a side by side comparison:

Before and after pantry organisation

The bin on the bottom containing our baking supplies, is a work in progress. Ill probably get two larger bins for the bottom when needed. It feels so much fresher and cleaner! If you want to catch up with Day 1 of the Refresh, it’s never too late! Don’t forget to share progress on the facebook group.

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