If you’re just joining us on the January Refresh, you’ve only missed one very simple step. If you’d like to start at the beginning with the home report, you can do so here: January Refresh: The home report. Are you ready for Day 2? This task shouldn’t take you long at all. In fact it took me 40 minutes. That included getting snacks for small people and a bathroom break! Together we are going to tidy a drawer. Any drawer you like, but pick the messiest. Kitchen drawer, makeup, socks or bathroom. You won’t regret it! Which ever one you choose, this is designed to be an achievable task that will lead the way in organising your home.

Day 2: Tidy a drawer

I have a guilty secret. That I have been piling things into this drawer for weeks to the point you could barely close it. It’s was my quick we have guests, get out of jail drawer. Be kind.

Marie Kondo eat your heart out!

First, take everything out of your drawer. Empty it. I put all the contents mostly on the floor. I find it’s much easier to sort through the things you need to keep and the things you need to throw away if you can see them clearly. Anything that doesn’t belong in the drawer gets sorted into another pile. You will see from the picture, things I grouped. Cards that were tossed in the drawer any which way, stationary and electrical. The electrical things live elsewhere. I also had a pile for things that belong in the garage and one for papers.

Now go through your piles, decide what can stay and what can get thrown out. Next, think about how you’re going to organise the drawer to make it work better for you. What system do you need in order for the drawer to stay this way? For me, I needed a better system to file papers and find a pen when I need one.

Organisation is key.

January Refresh Day 2 -tidying a drawer

Here is what I came up with. Using some boxes left over from Christmas gifts I store stationary so it won’t get lost, and another small one towards the back for all our loyalty/gift cards. The biggest thing was the paper. I found a whole bunch of left over folders from the kids school projects and surplus school supplies. Seperating out our bills, letters and forms, I placed them in their own folder. I also created a pending folder. This is where my papers I need to deal with go, it also has a pocket labelled ready to file for the things my husband isn’t sure where they live.

Now I open the drawer and breathe a sigh of relief, as a result, it’s finally tidy!

As tempting as it may be once you’re done to move on to more drawers or organising something else, just stick with this for today. It’s a marathon and not a race. If you did enjoy this perhaps it is time to make the first Saturday of every month the tidy drawer day!

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