Kitchen completion – Before and after

thebungaloweditAugust 28, 2019

It’s been a little while since I last blogged, and I apologize for that. Full time jobs and life got in the way. We spent the majority of our summer enjoying the new patio and pizza oven Mr Rens built. I thought I would bring you the updates and pictures of the completed kitchen. As well as news on a new project we are about to start. You may have been following the kitchen edits, if not, you can read about it here and here! So now here are the before and after shots of the kitchen completion! Enjoy!


So here is the before of the kitchen by the window, the tiny window was trying its best to fight against the dark tiles, the dark cabinets and the dark counter tops.

And the After

… the subway tiles with grey grout are a refreshing change and are surprisingly easy to keep clean. The added spotlight over the sink certainly helps too.

And the room as a whole before… the darkness!

And the bright airy feel after… the open shelving with custom brackets really open up the room. It feels bigger and less enclosed.

I contemplated painting the lower cabinets, and maybe one day I still will, for now they are fine and I’m happy to live with them! Here is the unit that Mr Rens made, and can I just shout him out for all the tiling he did, he truly was a trooper.

The Ikea mirror by far opened up the kitchen, we have so much fun with it too. Pulling funny faces while eating breakfast is a firm favourite! The chairs here are from urban outfitters and are sold as a pair.

So that’s our kitchen reveal! Let me know if you too, are embarking on a home renovation.

The next major project we are undergoing is the basement, check out our progress so far. We are giving it a complete overhaul. Check out my Pinterest board for it!

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