Something new to this English gal, is decorating for fall. For starters in England is called autumn, and the norm is to decorate for Halloween for a week or less and your done. In the states it’s a big deal. With thanksgiving after Halloween it’s an actual decorating dream. Bringing in those warm autumnal tones into the house.

Pumpkins have already started to make an appearance in stores as well as some Christmas decorations, I love Christmas but I’m not quite ready for that just yet!

Making a start

I’m new to this type of decorating, so I’m very much winging it. Let me show you the look I’m trying to create. I also want to share with you products I’m looking at and loving for this season. So first comes inspiration, with zero reference points for this, Pinterest was my friend. I want a clear distinction between fall and Halloween. I think Halloween decor is great for the kids but I don’t want it all round the house. Outside, I can cope with! My inspiration will be considered and effortless.

I love the use of eucalyptus leaves in this aesthetic, which could also be carried into the Christmas decor too. The pale blue and white pumpkins are my absolute favourite thing. This is exactly how you do pumpkins without it screaming Halloween.

Utilising what you have

So after rifling through what I currently owned (not very much considering we don’t usually decorate for fall) I decided to add accents to create a really simple look for our hall table. Having a few little pumpkins kicking about was perfect! I bought a bag of dried pumpkin looking seeds from an antique shop for $3, which surround my Himalayan candle I purchased at Terrain. It’s perfect in its grey glass vessel, no pumpkin scent in this house however! I added in the sage smudge sticks I made a while back for that hint of witch. I changed our light box out as well! This cost me $30 max!

The Bungalow edit fall table

Doing fall yourself

I really liked the mix of white pumpkins and eucalyptus. Alas, after searching everywhere to find dried eucalyptus I ended up buying my own and drying it myself. It just needs a dark place with good air flow.

Drying eucalyptus - The Bungalow edit

I really wanted this to go on my mantle but I needed a back drop. I found this tobacco basket with half off at Hobby Lobby! Bargain! The antelope I already had, but they were an eBay purchase.

Just a quick hint of fall in the kitchen because we are still ongoing with our kitchen do over. Read more about that here.

Table decor I think I’ll leave for next year. I’m exhausted!

Getting a little help

So Mr Reynolds went and bought mums without me, (another story) I decided to do a small display out the front of our garage. All of this is from Terrain, the pumpkins, the plants and the gorgeous pine straw bale. The metal planter at the back you can find here. All apart from the farm bowl I got for $8 at a vintage trunk show sale. I found a stand to fit perfectly and I got a little help from my friend Valerie at Terrain to do the display in the front.

Outdoor Fall decor

I also put some pumpkins by the mailbox for good measure.

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