Last year I shared with you my moodboard for our brick fireplace for our adult lounge/snug room. Well, we finally got around to painting the brick fireplace.

Fireplace moodboard - The BuNGALOW Edit

I dreamed of these lovely fireplaces! So we decided to take our own fireplace and transform it into something more modern.

Here is our before:

You can see the soot marks on the bricks and that shiny 80’s brass. The cold blue on the wall wasn’t doing much for the cosy feel we wanted, and while sat in our house on Valentine’s Day eating off the floor because our furniture hadn’t yet arrived, the decision was made to paint the wall a nice warm rusty colour. After searching long and hard I came across Rojo Dust by Sherwin Williams. It’s not an orange or a red or a pink but it’s somewhere between all of those.

It’s a really tricky colour to photograph and when it went on I really wasn’t sure. Here is also a better example of the Rojo dust wall colour in this blog post. I decided that it was probably because now the fireplace blended into the wall. So the next step was to mask off the wall and the surround on the fireplace because that brass needed to go. We used frog tape and brown paper to cover the brick.

We used a heat spray paint designed for coating grills. You can get similar here. It was simple to do, the only thing to be careful of was to not spray it near the pilot light. It took two coats to cover nicely.

Diy fireplace revamp- The BuNGALOW Edit

At this point I could see it coming together, the next step was to use a stain block paint on the brick. After shopping around, I decided that the best option was the Kilz sealant. The fact it was water based, made the clean up easier. It wasn’t too expensive either.

I did one coat with this, you can see that although it has covered well it was patchy and so, then did a further coat with Behr masonry and stucco paint. I was excited by this point because I knew I was one coat away from completing my project!

And voila! The completed fireplace!

Painted fireplace - The BuNGALOW Edit

Fancy having a go? I would love to see how your projects come out, or have you painted your fireplace already? I’d love to see! You can also Pin this post for later.

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