While we wait for our move and Christmas I’ve been chatting to the boys about their bedroom. We’ve talked about what they want and then tried to find some compromise! While it’s really easy to find inspiration for younger boys rooms, it’s hard to find a a starting point for a stylish older boy bedroom. Older boys around 7-12 that aren’t quite teenagers seem to get forgotten about. Unless you opt for a super hero themed room, inspiration seems sparse indeed. So I looked for alternative inspiration I could use to find a starting point.

First port of call was getting out of the ‘client’ what indeed he wanted for his bedroom. Up until now he has shared with his brother and we lived in a rented house where options for decor were somewhat limiting. We looked at a few images on Pinterest, as this is my starting point for most room inspiration, I also used this method for the Snug. He came across this.


Photo Credit: hearthomemag.co.uk

Not what you’d expect in a child’s room by any stretch. Thing is I didn’t hate it, and all the storage in the desk would work for him to hide his boy bits and pieces. This will have to be something I thrift and may even do up. I like the idea of working on a project together so he truly feels its his. The bits that stand out to me in this image are, the desk, the pottery pencil pot, the vintage gadgets and the galvanisied bin.

Film and Media

The other thing we discussed was a room in a film we had recently watched, ‘The monster calls’ an incredibly sad film about a boy who is losing his mum to cancer. We didn’t realise how sad it was, the Mum was arty like me so we were all in tears. At the end of the film the boys grandmother cares for him and creates him an older boy bedroom full of art stuff. Well, ‘the client’ seemed keen on this idea so we will have to incorporate this some how. I feel the busy vibe of this desk won’t be difficult in any child’s bedroom. Key things to take from this is the artists hand, the paintbrush pots and the pencil artist kit. I also really like the use of the printers drawers. Somewhere to store all his artwork.

Boy bedroom
Photo credit: FocusFeatures.com

In the other view I really like the flying swallows on the wall, and the hanging lamp next to the bed. The lamp would be a hazard in a younger child bedroom, granted.

boy bedroom
Photo Credit: FocusFeatures.com

Current design

A big part I think of planning a room is taking into account what we will already have to work with. The boy child also has a rather lovely bed that his Grandad made for him and a blanket I made for him. This is a quick snap and also shows his love of penguins that will need to be incorporated in a tasteful yet grown up boy way. The navy curtains will work with the colour palette too. I also recently made some painted mountains and I’m sure lego will end up featuring somewhere.

Get the Look

Which leaves us with items we need to get for his room. The desk will have to be thrifted but I’ve put together a small wish list of items. Things that will fit his cool boy requirements and my I want this room to last you. At least longer than your latest fad computer game.

Minecraft Bedding        Cross Cushion         Black Desk Lamp      Metal Basket       Art hand    Art Box

What do you use for inspiration? I can’t wait to get this room design going and show you the big reveal!

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