There are times where you can’t get to the local vintage fair, or mooch around thrift and charity shops. So here are my favourite go to places when I’m looking for beautiful goodies for the Scandi home online. We all endulge in a little online shopping from time to time and here are some of my favourites. These five sites are my go to in times of poorly children, the boiler man coming, or days when the weather looks unduly rubbish. So if this is you, having a day where you can not escape to thrift or boutique shop, sit back, relax, you can even shop in your pyjamas.

1. Trouva

Trouva is an online marketplace for boutique stores all over the UK, they don’t just stock homewares, so if you fancy some clothes shopping you can do that here too. I love the filter function and you can even save yourself some money if you sign up here. Just mention me! Bethany Reynolds.

2. The Scandinavian shop

Again this is a bit of an all round shop, but it is very homed in on Scandinavian style and brands. I’ve bought a few things from them now, and I’m so happy with their customer service and range of products.

3. Anthropologie

How can you not put this gem on the list? I am a closet mug hoarder. But they do have to come from Anthro. Nothing more homely and inspiring than this one. Anthropologie also work with artists to bring their customers unique items with global and vintage influences. You only need to head to an Anthro store to see their passion for creativity but even more convenient that you can also do this from your sofa.

4. Article

This is a gem I have more recently discovered. Founded in 2014 by 4 engineers, Article brings you Scandi and mid century furniture a plenty. Article can only be found online, but the best bit being the reduced overheads mean you aren’t paying through the nose for glorious homewares.

5. Etsy

If you don’t know or have never heard of Etsy, where have you been? You can see my favourite shops and items right here. There are something wonderful things to be found on Etsy, and some not so wonderful either, I came across dried whole fish dog treats the other day, and I nearly threw up a little bit in my mouth. Generally though, if you type something clear and concise in the search bar, you’ll find what you need and even better that you are supporting other Artisans while you do.

So that concludes my top 5, I’d love for you to let me know your favourites! Happy home shopping!

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  • Kimi

    December 8, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    I have to say I have never even looked at Anthropologie because I was under the impression they were very upscale and high priced. But oh the mugs! I too am a mug addict and I’m so happy you posted about them, I’m finding mugs that are so pretty and reasonably priced too. Thank you Bethany!

    1. thebungalowedit

      December 9, 2017 at 7:32 am

      Thanks Kimi, I know what you mean, it gives the impression it’s big bucks. Their hardware is pretty reasonable too I think. Plus, you could always ask Santa!

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